What To Do If The Police Question You

8 October 2019
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Being questioned by the police, even under seemingly benign circumstances, can put you in a situation where you might be charged with a crime. You have the right to insist upon having a lawyer present, even if the cops are just questioning you as a witness. Follow these three tips to stay safe under police questioning. You're Not There to Do Their job Whether you're just a witness, the subject of an investigation, or someone in between those two categories, it's not your job to do the cops' jobs. Read More 

What Factors Affect How Long A Personal Injury Case Takes To Reach A Conclusion?

30 August 2019
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Not every personal injury case takes the same length of time to reach a conclusion. Some cases may settle within a few months, while others may seem to drag on for years. If you have or are going to file a personal injury case, you may find yourself wondering how long it will take for the case to reach a conclusion. Here are a few of the factors that can affect the length of time it may take your case to settle. Read More 

What Can You Do To Get Your Ideal Custody Arrangement?

30 July 2019
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When it comes to divorce, your children are going to be the most important topic to debate. To have the best chance at getting the best custody arrangements, consider the following tips. Be Willing to Work with Your Spouse Although this is a difficult time, you still need to try to work with your spouse to come up with a fair custody arrangement. You are both an important part of your children's lives, and your willingness to work together will show the judge you are serious about the health and welfare of your children. Read More 

Unusual Tax Deductions That Held Up In Court

30 June 2019
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Reporting taxes is a process that feels like it's littered with rules and pitfalls. Every tax lawyer has stories about unusual deductions that people tried to claim, and there are always some surprising ones that actually held up in court. Let's take a look at three real situations that required the help of a tax attorney to sort out. Is It Really a Business Expense? In 1984, a couple, John and Joana French, wrote off expenses for the maintenance and use of a private plane. Read More 

3 Benefits of Using a Private Process Server Instead of the Sheriff’s Department

28 May 2019
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When you need to have legal paperwork served on an individual, you have a few options. Depending on the paperwork, you may be able to ask a friend or family member to serve the paperwork. However, many people want to keep their friends and family out of their legal issues. If that is the case, you can have the sheriff serve the paperwork or a process server. While a process server costs more than using the sheriff's department, there are many benefits associated with using one. Read More