Who Pays When You’re Injured In A Car Accident At Work?

30 January 2017
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If you are injured in a car accident, but you were driving for work purposes, you have a few opportunities to get compensation. Here is a breakdown of what may happen. You Are Entitled to Worker's Compensation First of all, no matter who was at fault for the accident, you are able to file an insurance claim to your employer's workers compensation. This coverage can help you pay for medical bills, mainly. Read More 

Tips For Going Through Your First Divorce

5 January 2017
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There are few things that can be more emotionally traumatic and stressful than going through a contentious divorce. If you are in the process of going through your first divorce, you will want to be as prepared as possible to help reduce the stress and confusion that can come from your divorce proceedings. Know The Benefits Of Hiring A Private Investigator And Forensic Accountant Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, it might be advisable to seek the services a private investigator or forensic accountant. Read More 

Examples Of Problems That May Convince The Court To Grant Your Case A Continuance

20 December 2016
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Did you know that the court can grant you a continuance (a short delay in proceedings) if there are problems with your defense? This only works if the problems weren't foreseeable or couldn't have been prevented. Here are three examples of issues that may convince the court to grant you a continuance: Inadequate Time to Prepare You may also get a continuance if you can prove that you didn't have enough tim e to prepare your defense. Read More 

Law Change: Unsafe California Companies Can’t Use Immigration Status To Cheat Injured Workers

30 November 2016
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A recent law passed by the state assembly of California makes it easier for undocumented immigrant workers to report and receive compensation for injuries resulting from safety violations and/or accidents that happen while the worker is on the job. While the new law only affects workers and companies in California, it sets a precedent for the way safety violations and lawsuits involving immigrants should be handled by the courts to be fair to all parties. Read More 

4 Punishments You Should Expect For Getting A DUI

9 November 2016
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To some, a DUI may seem like a simple thing. You hear about people getting them often in the news, and so it may seem as though the punishment is not that severe. This is generally not the case; while some people do dodge the punishment, in most cases there can be severe consequences if you are pulled over while under the influence of legal or illegal substances. Here are some things you should expect. Read More