How Long Will Your Workers’ Compensation Coverage Last?

15 September 2022
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For hurt workers, workers' compensation insurance means they will be covered for their medical needs because of a work-related injury or illness. Some workers, though, may wonder how their coverage ends. Read on and find out more.  Workers' Compensation and Medical Treatment Your medical treatment plan is part of an agreement between your employer's workers' compensation insurer and the doctor in charge of your care. When it comes to your treatment, your doctor is in charge, but they must also work in tandem with the insurer so that the care is covered by your benefits. Read More 

3 Crucial Elements A Divorce Lawyer Will Help You Make Decisions On

16 August 2022
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Separating from your spouse can be quite complicated since it involves a lot of emotions and requires making difficult decisions about kids. While dealing with these aspects, you should be legally safe. Any mistake can change the outcome of your case and give your partner an advantage. This is why you should have a divorce lawyer by your side. They'll explain the whole process, protect your interests and help you make decisions. Read More 

How to Avoid Admitting Fault after an Auto Accident

19 July 2022
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Auto insurance providers do not want to pay for damages if they are able to find a way out of it. When you file a claim with an auto insurance provider and you make a statement that could be interpreted as an apology, this can be used as an excuse to hold you responsible for the car accident. There are several ways you can accidentally admit fault. Be Objective with the Police Read More 

How A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Affect Child Custody

22 June 2022
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Not everyone has to deal with two major legal matters all at once. However, money troubles can create a need to file for bankruptcy and they can also cause a divorce. If you are trying to obtain custody of your minor child, you might be worried about how a chapter 7 bankruptcy filing could affect things. Read on to find out more. Two Different Courts You probably won't meet your spouse in the hallway while you are appearing in bankruptcy court. Read More 

Does Worker’s Compensation Pay For Employee Property Damage?

23 May 2022
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It's not unusual for employees' personal property to get damaged when they're involved in workplace accidents. Thus, it's natural to wonder if workers' compensation will pay to replace or repair the damaged items. Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn't always clear. Here's what you need to know about how worker's comp handles reimbursing people for this type of loss. Only Certain Types of Property May Qualify Workers' comp differs from other types of insurance in that it pays for the injured party's expenses regardless of who's at fault for the accident. Read More