Three Tips to Get a Zoning Law Change Passed

8 July 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog


When you have your eye on a business opportunity, such as renting out an apartment complex to tenants, opening a store, or turning your home into a specific type of business, it is important that you embrace some zoning law tips. These tips will allow you to understand the process of getting a zoning change, along with some tips to making the process go smoothly.

Gain an Understanding of the Type of Zoning Change You Need

Without question, you'll first need to understand the different zoning change types, so that you can proceed with a request. There are a number of zoning change types, including conditional use permit (CUP), variance and nonconforming use. A conditional use permit refers to the type of zoning law change that you need for a limited amount of time, such as hosting an event, or setting up a temporary office space. A variance refers to a rule that creates an exception to zoning rules currently on the books. The nonconforming use permit gives certain properties to be grandfathered in for new laws that were passed. Knowing these permit types will allow you to make the best decisions as you move forward. 

Know the Process of a Zoning Law Change

If you want the decision to go in your favor, you must get a grasp on the zoning law process. You'll first need to put in an application for zoning changes, either individual or with a representative, such as an attorney. From there, the matter will be turned over to your local zoning board or planning commission. They will vote on the matter, typically after hosting at least two public hearings. From there, it will be forwarded to your town, city, or county government body, along with public hearings. Then it will be voted on by the governing body, and either passed or denied. 

Employ the Best Strategies to Succeed with Your Zoning Law Change

To put your best foot forward with your zoning change, you'll need to consider some of the following excellent strategies:

  • If possible, hire an attorney to represent your case
  • Always reach out to the affected neighborhood to garner good will. These are people who can speak in your favor during a public hearing
  • Hire civil engineers for an independent study, to get the best documentation, diagrams and presentations to state your case
  • Always express in your presentations and application how the zoning change will prosper business in the area, not just for you

Follow these tips to have success with your requested zoning law change.