3 Things You Should Expect During A Divorce

27 May 2016
 Categories: Law, Blog


Going through a divorce can be incredibly stressful. Many people find that during the process of the divorce they were extremely under prepared for a divorce. Here are some things you should expect from your divorce. 

1. It Will Probably Be More Expensive That You Anticipated

Everyone knows that divorces can be expensive. You might think that you and your spouse are the exception and that you will be able to resolve it cheaply. That is great if you are able to, but you should prepare for an expensive divorce, then if it ends up costing you less you will be excited about the saved money. However, you don't want to delay the divorce because you can't afford it.

The reason divorce is so expensive is that both couples will need to pay for a divorce attorney. This means that you will be responsible for your own bill. You should start saving in advance. In addition, if you go through mediation you will need to pay the mediator. If you end up going to court this will be even more money in legal fees. Thus, prepare for the worst and set aside a good deal of money to pay for the divorce.

2. Expect Your Souse To Look Out For Their Own Interests First

During a divorce your main concern is making sure that you have what you need and protecting your own interests. Even if you and your spouse are amicable, don't expect your spouse to look out for your well-being. At this point their attorney will be advising them to do what is right for themselves. You and your attorney need to make sure that you fighting for what you need. If you are concerned that the agreement isn't fair, that the custody isn't right, or that your spouse is taking advantage of you, you need to speak up. No one is going to make sure you are protected unless you do it yourself.

3. You Will Be More Emotional Than You Expect

Even if the divorce is the best thing for you and your marriage, it will be very emotional to go through the actual process. Throughout the process you will eel a wide range of emotions. You might become angry, depressed, frustrated, relieved, excited, and so much more. Try not to let these emotions dominate your decisions. You need to try and think rationally through the divorce, which is why therapy or support from loved ones is so important.

By understanding what you should expect from a divorce you can protect yourself.