4 Punishments You Should Expect For Getting A DUI

9 November 2016
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To some, a DUI may seem like a simple thing. You hear about people getting them often in the news, and so it may seem as though the punishment is not that severe. This is generally not the case; while some people do dodge the punishment, in most cases there can be severe consequences if you are pulled over while under the influence of legal or illegal substances. Here are some things you should expect.

1. Your Driver's License Will Be Taken Away

As a standard punishment, your driver's license will be taken away. The moment it is determined that you were driving under the influence, the courts will take away your ability to drive. If this is not your first time being cited for a DUI, you could be in bigger trouble than just a minor suspension. You could permanently lose your license.

2. You Will Have To Complete Therapy Or A Program To Get Your License Back

In many cases you will be required to go through some sort of alcohol, drug, or therapy program before you can get your license back. If you can prove that you are going to AA (Alcoholic's Anonymous) or to private therapy, you might be able to give that to the judge, and they will accept that as proper treatment.

In some cases you will have to do a class through the state that teaches about the dangers of drunk driving. This could be a replacement for therapy, or it could be in addition to it. It depends on the severity of the DUI, and the frequency with which you have been cited.

3. Your Insurance Premiums Will Go Up

Once you get a DUI, you should expect your insurance premiums to go up. The likelihood that you will get in an accident while intoxicated are much higher than if you were driving with the full use of your faculties. Thus, the insurance company raises your premiums as a way to punish you, and to protect themselves. They know there is a good chance they are going to have to pay out if you are in an accident relating to your irresponsible driving.

4. The DUI Will Stay On Your Record

You should expect the DUI to stay on your record for a good deal of time. Once again it depends on the severity of the charge, and how often it happens, but you should definitely plan on it being a part of your record from now on.

These are just some things you should expect if you are charged with a DUI. This is why many people hire a DUI attorney to help them fight it.