Who Pays When You're Injured In A Car Accident At Work?

30 January 2017
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If you are injured in a car accident, but you were driving for work purposes, you have a few opportunities to get compensation. Here is a breakdown of what may happen.

You Are Entitled to Worker's Compensation

First of all, no matter who was at fault for the accident, you are able to file an insurance claim to your employer's workers compensation. This coverage can help you pay for medical bills, mainly. If your doctor says that you need to take time off of work to recover, then you can also have worker's compensation pay for a portion of your salary while you are on medical leave.

You Can Also Sue the Other Driver

Worker's compensation coverage won't pay for more subjective injuries. For example, how do you get compensated for the pain that resulted from your injury? Well, an auto accident attorney is usually the answer. They can help you sue the other driver, as long as that driver was at fault for your accident. You can still claim your worker's compensation benefits, but the other driver can be liable for paying the additional sum that a judge deems appropriate. They may also have to pay back the insurance company for your worker's compensation payments, since those insurance payments are supposed to be reserved for issues that are your company's fault.

Your Insurance May Sue the Other Driver As Well

It can get complicated if your insurance company decides that they would like to go after the other driver as well. They can do this with or without your cooperation. If you decide to start a lawsuit against the other driver, and your worker's compensation insurance company does not, they can still be entitled to receive the reimbursement for whatever they paid to you. If you both are in agreement about going after the other driver, then you can join forces and resources to sue the driver.

The third case would be where you decide not to pursue any kind of lawsuit, but your insurance company does. They are still obligated to let you know the outcome of the case and pay you a portion of their winnings. Starting a lawsuit does take some time and energy, but it's often a good idea to get what's owed to you. Speak with your car accident or worker's compensation attorney to learn more about these options and figure out what's in your best interest.

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