3 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer Right Now

3 January 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog


Have you recently been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault? Are you struggling to pay off your medical bills because the insurance company is trying to pretend that you don't exist? Whether or not you were the cause of the accident, dealing with the aftermath can be difficult and painful for more than one reason. Insurance companies are tasked with making money for their stockholders, meaning that they try to avoid paying out on as many claims as possible. But getting the money that you're owed doesn't have to be an impossible task. Hiring a lawyer to handle your case will help you in a number of ways, including the following. 

More credibility: As already mentioned, insurance companies do their best to avoid paying out on each and every claim that gets filed. Part of this is simply because they want to keep the money, but part of it is also because many people file fraudulent claims in an attempt at getting "easy" money. This makes it more difficult for legitimate claims, such as yours, to get recognized. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side provides instant credibility, letting them know that there is enough proof that you were able to persuade a lawyer to take your case.

Better settlements: It's not always easy to tell if the settlement being offered by the insurance company is a fair one. You need to take into account not only your past lost wages but whether your injuries mean that you'll continue to be on a reduced workload with a smaller paycheck or if you'll need to take time off for doctor appointments. Your personal injury lawyer will help you to take all of these different factors into account. If the offer is fair, he or she will advise you to take the settlement, but if the offer is unfair, then he or she will fight to get you the money that you're owed.

Temporary debt relief: When you want to pay your bills but are unable to do so as a result of lost wages, it can be frustrating to get daily or even just weekly reminders from your creditors that your various bills are due. These calls can greatly increase your stress levels and make it more difficult for you to concentrate on your recovery. Although a personal injury lawyer can't get rid of these debts for you, he or she can talk to your creditors and let them know that you intend to pay as soon as you get your settlement. For many creditors, having assurances from a legal representative that you plan on paying them is all that's necessary for them to leave you alone for a few weeks or even months while you wait for your money.

For more information, reach out to a local personal injury lawyer.