Why Companies Should Hire Defense Attorneys When Addressing Workers' Compensation Claims

11 February 2019
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If you own a business that involves a lot of inherent dangers, your workers will experience accidents from time to time. Unfortunately, this comes with workers' compensation claims. If you're worried about dealing with them alone, contact a workers' compensation defense attorney, like those at Dawson & Associates, LLC. They can assist in so many ways. 

Detect Fraudulent Reports 

Sometimes workers go through extraordinary lengths to fake an injury at work so they can receive benefits. You need to know when these fraudulent cases occur, so you save your company a lot of money and set a precedent for other workers. Accomplishing these tasks won't be difficult when you work with a workers' compensation defense lawyer. 

They'll work day and night to gather evidence showing that the worker's accounts of the accident are false. They can do this in many ways, such as bringing in witnesses and accessing surveillance footage that captured the so-called accident on film. Your attorney can even bring in medical professionals to prove the worker is lying about how they got injured.

Negotiate Settlements eith Insurance Companies 

If the work-related accident is legitimate, then you'll be required to pay out settlements to insurance companies. However, to avoid paying more than what's necessary, you need to work alongside an experienced workers' compensation defense lawyer.

They'll take a close look at the accident, assessing its severity. Using medical documents and statements from doctors, they can see just how bad the worker was injured. Then, they can calculate a fair settlement amount based on available data and previous outcomes of cases they've tried in court.

Protect Your Company's Reputation 

When a worker gets injured on the job, it doesn't always look great on the part of the company employing the worker. Sometimes, injured workers may claim that it was their work that was responsible for the accident occurring. You won't have to worry about your company facing this possible public relations nightmare when you hire a workers' compensation defense lawyer. 

They'll use investigative tactics to truly find out how the accident occurred. It may have been a faulty machine or a mistake made by the worker. Either way, your attorney will make sure you don't receive negative backlash in court and after these proceedings.

Owning a company can be stressful, especially if your work site exposes employees to potential risks. Instead of stressing about workers' compensation claims, though, just hire a defense attorney. They'll make sure you take the right legal steps to minimize the blowback of these accidents.