3 Benefits of Using a Private Process Server Instead of the Sheriff's Department

28 May 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog


When you need to have legal paperwork served on an individual, you have a few options. Depending on the paperwork, you may be able to ask a friend or family member to serve the paperwork. However, many people want to keep their friends and family out of their legal issues. If that is the case, you can have the sheriff serve the paperwork or a process server. While a process server costs more than using the sheriff's department, there are many benefits associated with using one. Here are three benefits to using a private process server over the sheriff's department. 

You Can Get Your Paperwork Served Faster

One of the major advantages of hiring a private process server to serve your legal papers is that they can often serve your papers faster than the sheriff's department can. A sheriffs department has many responsibilities. They have to work on cases, patrol the streets, and go when they are called to a potential crime scene. Serving paperwork is often put at the back of the to-do list. In some cities, it can take weeks or months to get your paperwork served. A process server may be able to serve the paperwork in as little as one day. 

A Process Server Can Track Someone Down

Another benefit to working with a private process server is that they can help you track someone down. Process servers often work with tracking partners to locate who you want to serve. If you do not have an address, the sheriff's office will not track down and attempt to serve the papers. Using a private process server may be your only option if you don't have a good address. If you need to track someone, contact services such as AAA Attorney Service Co Of Ny Inc and learn more.

A Process Server Maintains Contact with You

The final benefit associated with working with a private process server instead of the sheriff's department is that a process server maintains contact with you. They will let you know when they try to serve the papers and what the outcome was. Sheriffs departments will only let you know when they successfully serve the papers. You will not know where you stand in the process until that point in time, which can be frustrating. If you want to know what is going on with the paperwork, use a process server. 

When you are looking to have legal paperwork served on someone, there are many benefits associated with hiring a process server instead of relying on the sheriff to have the papers served. If you are looking to have the papers served as quickly as possible, if you want to know what is happening every step of the way and if you may possibly need to have someone tracked down, hiring a process server is your best bet.