What Can You Do To Get Your Ideal Custody Arrangement?

30 July 2019
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When it comes to divorce, your children are going to be the most important topic to debate. To have the best chance at getting the best custody arrangements, consider the following tips.

Be Willing to Work with Your Spouse

Although this is a difficult time, you still need to try to work with your spouse to come up with a fair custody arrangement. You are both an important part of your children's lives, and your willingness to work together will show the judge you are serious about the health and welfare of your children. This can help you appear favorable in court.

Have All Necessary Documentation

You should show up to court with any important documents that can impact the custody decision. If you think your children are in a dangerous situation when in your spouse's custody, you need to prove this in court to help you get custody. A police report, threatening texts or emails, or other forms of evidence are necessary to help you get custody of your kids.

Be on Time

No matter if you are picking up or dropping off your children, do so in a timely manner. If you are consistently late or rescheduling your time with the kids, your spouse can take you to court to modify the arrangements and could reduce the amount of custody you currently have.

While it is understandable that things come up at the last minute which are out of your control, constantly missing out on scheduled time with your kids looks poorly in the eyes of a judge. It is best to do everything you can to maintain your custody schedule.

Comply with the Judge's Requests

If the judge asks you to do something, be sure to do so and without complaining. This is the time to prove to the court that you are fully committed to caring for your kids. You may be asked by the judge to attend therapy, go to parenting classes, and so on. When you take the requests seriously, it shows you are willing to do whatever is necessary to have custody of your children.

Do Not Exaggerate

When you are in court, it is important that you are honest. Avoid exaggerating instances thinking it can help your case. Do not attempt to paint your former spouse in a bad light by exaggerating different instances. If the court discovers you are not being completely honest, it can ultimately hurt your chances for getting additional custody of your children.

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