5 Important Pieces Of Evidence In A Dog Bite Injury Case

3 February 2020
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Dog bite injury cases are commonly represented by personal injury attorneys. If you end up having a claim involving this kind of injury, it is helpful if you understand the most pertinent evidence in your case. 

1. Medical records that document the incident. 

If nothing else, you must get proper medical records to show that you were in fact bitten by a dog. Medical professionals deal with dog bite injuries enough to know when an individual has been bitten, and they will make note of this in your medical records. Don't wait until long after the incident to seek medical treatment; the longer the delay, the longer your injuries can be up for debate. 

2. Records from animal control regarding the attacking dog. 

In most locations, after a dog has attacked a person, animal control has to go and do an assessment of the animal to determine if they are a threat to the general public or if they have any obvious transmittable diseases. Your personal injury attorney can help you get the records from this visit to use in your case. 

3. Proof of dog ownership. 

Proving who the dog belonged to should not be a difficult thing. It is best if you call the authorities when the incident takes place so they can properly track down the dog's owner and file an incident report. This report can later be used to prove who owned the dog. 

4. Evidence of where the attack took place. 

It is good if you can get pictures of where the incident took place before you leave the area. It is even better if you can get some kind of proof that the dog was in an area uncontained where you had every right to be. For example, if you can get pictures that show the dog off the leash on a public sidewalk, it will prove the owner was neglectful in allowing the dog to roam free. 

5. Medical information about ongoing care. 

A dog bite is not always just a bite; the repercussions of the bite can carry on for months if not years after. You may get the wound cleaned and sutured, but you may also have to contend with issues because of an infection that gets in your body, for example. Likewise, scarring can be a long-term thing, and several surgeries can be required to help with the problem, especially if you were bitten somewhere like on your face. 

To learn more, contact a personal injury attorney.