Critical Services That Experienced DUI Attorneys Can Offer To Clients

17 December 2020
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Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious offense in all 50 states. Prosecutors typically pursue the legally allowed punishments in court. People who commit this offense can face serious penalties like jail time and expensive fines.

When you find yourself charged with this offense, you need to act quickly to defend yourself. You can start by hiring one of the experienced local DUI attorneys to represent you.

Testing Your Sample

Once you retain one of the available DUI attorneys, you can have your blood or urine sample tested. At the time of your arrest, you may have been ordered to subject to blood or urine testing. The law enforcement agency may have had its own laboratory test this sample to determine what your blood alcohol content level was at the time of your arrest.

However, you want to know that this test was carried out accurately and that your BAC level was really above the legal limit. Your attorney can have that sample retested at a third-party laboratory. You can find out if you were really above the legal BAC limit and deserving of the charges against you.

If your test results come back that your BAC was under the legal limit, that can warrant having the charges against you dropped. Your lawyer can file to get the case against you dismissed right away.

Arguing Down the Charges

DUI attorneys are also adept at arguing down charges against their clients. If you have an otherwise clean driving record, you may not warrant the full array of charges against you. You may not deserve having your license taken away, doing time in jail and paying expensive fines.

Your lawyer can argue that you deserve a lesser punishment instead. He or she may secure a lighter sentence like a minimal fine, community service and completion of a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. 

DUI attorneys also are experienced in expunging convictions from people's records. After you complete your sentence, you could have the conviction expunged. You can hire a lawyer to get the DUI entry taken off your record so it is no longer visible in background checks.

DUI attorneys provide a variety of services for clients. They can get your blood or urine sample retested to find out what your BAC level was. They can likewise argue down charges and get the DUI conviction expunged from your record.

To learn more, contact a DUI attorney.