Proceed With Caution: What To Avoid During A Divorce

22 March 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


When you're faced with a divorce, you hope that the process will proceed with as little hassle and stress as possible. One way to avoid the pitfalls that can trip you up is to watch your steps throughout the process. After all, it's those missteps that can cause the biggest headaches for you. Luckily, there are ways to watch your steps during your divorce. You just need to know what mistakes to watch out for. To help you out, here are four mistakes you need to avoid during your divorce. 

Avoid Conflict of Interest

Now that you're going through a divorce, you want to avoid any type of conflict of interest. You might not realize this, but a conflict of interest can derail your divorce. One way to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest is letting your attorney do the talking. You might think it's safe to discuss your case with the opposing attorney, but that's not true. The opposing attorney is representing your spouse, which means they're not interested in protecting your rights. In fact, anything you say to the opposing attorney could end up being used against you. To avoid any conflict, leave the communication to your attorney. 

Avoid Legal Troubles

There's never a good time to get into legal troubles. But, when you're going through a divorce, legal problems can have a devastating effect on your case. You might think you're safe if you avoid major legal troubles. Unfortunately, even a DUI can destroy your standing during your divorce, especially if you're also embroiled in a custody battle. In fact, your spouse can use that DUI against you in court, which could undermine your ability to retain custody of your children.  

Avoid Harassment

If you're trying to navigate a divorce case, you want to avoid harassment at all costs. It doesn't take much for your spouse to claim harassment. Actions such as disparaging comments on social media, angry outbursts during child visitation drop-offs and pick-ups, or nuisance phone calls are all instances that can lead to claims of harassment. Unfortunately, any form of harassment during a divorce can cause serious problems for you. Protect your divorce proceedings. Avoid any form of harassment against your spouse.

Avoid Errors

When you're going through a divorce, you might think that you can leave everything to your attorney, but that's not the case. Your attorney will be handling all of the details of the case, but they'll still need to communicate with you from time to time. They'll also need you to provide paperwork, and other information, in a timely manner. They'll also need you to ensure that everything you provide is accurate and error-free. The best way to avoid problems is to communicate with your attorney in a timely manner and avoid errors in the paperwork. 

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