When You Require The Services Of A Deportation Defense Attorney

20 May 2021
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Deportation is a serious threat to any immigrant. This risk often results from failure to follow immigration protocols and indulgence in criminal activities. The process of defending yourself from an imminent deportation order is physically and emotionally stressful. Thus, if you are facing deportation, you should secure the services of a deportation defense attorney. These lawyers are experts in immigration law, and they can represent you in removal proceedings. Understanding the interwork of deportation and the role of a deportation defense attorney is necessary for any immigrant. 

What Is Deportation?

Deportation is also known as a removal proceeding, and it is the formal removal of a foreign national from another country for violation of immigration law. Deportation investigations, removal proceedings, and enforcement fall under the immigration, security, and justice departments. Typically, an immigrant has a constitutional right to a court hearing before deportation. In such cases, a personal deportation defense attorney or a court-appointed one can represent the immigrant. Ordinarily, the court proceedings involve the submission of facts, legal arguments, and witness interrogation. In case of a deportation ruling, the defendant has the right to appeal in some cases. 

When Do You Need a Deportation Defense Attorney?

There are several removal grounds under which you will typically require the legal representation of a deportation defense attorney. Primarily, deportation can occur to a person who entered the country illegally. More so, one may face deportation even after a legal entry. 

The following are the main reasons for deportation for people admitted in the country legally:

  • A criminal conviction for crimes such as drug trafficking, terrorism, aggravated felonies
  • Failure to maintain immigration statuses such as student or tourist visa
  • Marriage fraud where marriage is arranged to gain residency
  • Falsification of immigration documents
  • Change of address without notifying the immigration services departments
  • Overstaying the admission period 

Benefits of Hiring a Deportation Defense Attorney

Deportation defense attorneys are experts in immigration law. Thus, the first thing they do is to interpret the full scope of your circumstances. In that way, you understand the severity of the situation and the risk of deportation. Then, the lawyers use their experience to find options. In this case, the attorney looks for admissible evidence that may lead to a positive outcome in the removal proceedings. Also, the lawyers are maneuver experts and can exploit the legal loopholes to maintain your immigration status. For instance, a deportation defense lawyer may argue against deportation for the safety of an asylum seeker. In addition, the attorneys will put up a defense during the court hearing by making case submissions and arguments. 

All immigration procedures are complex and usually have a lifetime implication. Do not attempt to represent yourself in a deportation case. The consequences may be severe. To get help, reach out to a local deportation defense attorney.