Hospital Neglect Lawyers: COVID Litigation

29 July 2021
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During the COVID crisis, health care systems were thrown into chaos. If you or a loved one became a victim of this chaos, a hospital neglect lawyer can get you the compensation you deserve.

Here are some of the ways hospital neglect lawyers help clients who suffered COVID symptoms.

Documenting Neglect

Neglect is often something that is noticed and realized in hindsight. Hospital neglect lawyers will help you reconstruct your COVID ordeal to build a strong case for litigation.

  • Charting: medical charts can create a timeline for the care you received, the interactions you had with your health care providers, and the treatments you were provided. Your hospital neglect lawyers can only access your medical charts after you give them permission. To grant access to your hospital neglect lawyers, you can file an attestation form with your health care and health insurance providers. Formally filing this attestation with all health care and health insurance providers involved with your case can be critical to winning your case.
  • Liability: in extreme cases of hospital negligence, both the health care provider and the practitioner can be sued for medical neglect. In order to assess the extent of your neglect, your legal team may need to depose the medical administrators and practitioners who contributed to your pain and suffering. During this process, it's important to cease communicating with anyone involved in your case without consulting your legal team first. With many COVID-related cases of hospital staff neglecting their patients being filed, many health care providers and practitioners are attempting to reach out to victims of neglect directly. This communication can be designed to strike a quick settlement and/or gather evidence that can mitigate the extent of the liability if the case goes to court.

Documenting the Damages

COVID and COVID trauma can permanently change your life. Your hospital neglect lawyers can document your damages to help you get the resources you need to rebuild your life.

  • Financial: if the hospital neglect you suffered contributed to long-term health conditions that prevented you from working or diminished your earning power, your lawyers can seek restitution for your financial losses. Turning over your financial history, bank statements, and paystubs will allow your hospital neglect lawyers to create a clear before and after picture of your financial status.
  • Debts: medical bills can create debilitating mountains of debt. If you incurred large hospital bills, particularly for care that was not provided, your hospital neglect lawyer can get these debts forgiven or reduced.

For more information, contact a hospital negligence lawyer near you to learn more.