3 Instances When You Need The Professional Intervention Of A Workers Compensation Lawyer

11 October 2021
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Since every profession comes with its own set of potential occupational hazards, employees should anticipate occupational injuries even if the employer offers a safe working environment. When you're prepared for any eventualities, you have an easy time moving past difficult situations and getting your life back on track.

That said, you've got to acknowledge that sometimes you need the professional intervention of a workers compensation lawyer to deal with your predicament. While the workers compensation system is an elaborate administrative system, if you have a complicated claim, a professional can help you navigate the murkiness of the situation. Continue reading to learn three instances when you should have a workers compensation lawyer on your team.

 1. Your Claim Gets Denied

When you ask to be compensated for an occupational injury, your employer or insurance carrier can deny your claim for a number of reasons. Most workers whose employers deny their claims are told that the injury did not happen at work.

In other instances, the insurance carrier can say that the original injury isn't work-related and was only aggravated when you were at work. This often happens when you don't report an injury when it happens because you didn't think it was serious.

Regardless of the reason why your claim is being denied, the best cause of action for you is to hire a workers compensation lawyer. Your attorney has helped other workers in your predicament and they'll follow legal procedures to ensure you receive full compensation.

2. Your Claim Is Held Up

Sometimes, your employer will acknowledge that you've gotten injured at work but drag their feet on your claim. This can be quite confusing for you, especially if it's the first time you've sustained occupational injuries. On one hand, you don't want to rush your employer, and on the other, you want to ensure justice is served.

You should hire an experienced lawyer to help expedite your compensation because if you are dealing with such a tense situation alone, you can easily compromise your own case.

3. You've Received Insufficient Compensation

According to workers compensation law, your employer should sufficiently compensate you in the event of an occupational injury. Some employers purposefully ignore the word "sufficiently" because most employees are usually glad they've been compensated at all.

While insufficient compensation is a normalized trend, you shouldn't accept less than what you deserve when you can get full compensation if you partner with a professional lawyer. A seasoned workers compensation attorney who has dealt with such cases in the past will ensure you're not short-changed.

If any of these scenarios ring true, don't hesitate to hire a workers compensation lawyer to take over your case.