When Should You Suspect That A Birth Injury Was Preventable?

27 November 2019
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Childbirth is exciting for many reasons, not the least of which is bringing a new life full of hope and promise into the world. That's what makes finding out that your child has serious medical problems shortly after birth so devastating for parents. They aren't just considering their own broken dreams — they're worried about their newborn's entire future. A birth injury lawsuit may help. A successful lawsuit can provide the money that you need to properly care for an injured child and also make sure that the child is well protected far into the future. Read More 

Who Pays When You’re Injured In A Car Accident At Work?

30 January 2017
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If you are injured in a car accident, but you were driving for work purposes, you have a few opportunities to get compensation. Here is a breakdown of what may happen. You Are Entitled to Worker's Compensation First of all, no matter who was at fault for the accident, you are able to file an insurance claim to your employer's workers compensation. This coverage can help you pay for medical bills, mainly. Read More 

Tips For Going Through Your First Divorce

5 January 2017
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There are few things that can be more emotionally traumatic and stressful than going through a contentious divorce. If you are in the process of going through your first divorce, you will want to be as prepared as possible to help reduce the stress and confusion that can come from your divorce proceedings. Know The Benefits Of Hiring A Private Investigator And Forensic Accountant Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, it might be advisable to seek the services a private investigator or forensic accountant. Read More 

4 Things To Do Immediately After A Slip And Fall Injury

22 April 2016
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One of the keys to a successful slip and fall claim is to avoid the "he said/she said" scenario. This requires beginning a paper trail and collecting evidence as soon as possible after the accident occurs. The following tips can help you start the process on the right foot and increase your chances of success. Tip #1: Report immediately If you have an accident at a private business or on public property, it is vital that you report it immediately – even if you aren't sure if you are injured at the time. Read More 

Bail And DUI’s

29 January 2016
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If a loved one was pulled over and arrested for a DUI, then you might be panicking. You might want to help them, but probably don't know how you can really do that. One of your best tools in this case is to help your loved one out with bail. To do this, you'll want to be aware of how your state treats commercial bail and how you can help your loved one get a low rate. Read More